Hey Santa, Let me tell you, I’ve been REALLY good this year. REALLY good. Don’t believe those silly humans. They just don’t appreciate my obvious beauty and talents. This year for Christmas I would love some peppermint treats, some of that fancy sawdust for my stall (After all, I do

Dear Santa, I hope this letter finds you well. These young ‘uns today don’t write enough letters. They’re missing out with all those self portrait sticks they’re waving around. Goofy things. Anyways, I would appreciate it if you brought some of those sweet and soft molasses treats. Enough to share

Dear Santa, How ya doin? I’ve been pretty good all year-haven’t bucked off my rider and have only caused trouble a couple of times. Here’s what I’d like for Christmas: I’d like a pound of bananas all to myself, a full sponsor here at Sunshine, and one of those fancy