Current Projects

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  • Make a Dontion

    Your donation is tax deductible and 100% goes to our horses. While monetary donations are always appreciated we also accept donations of equipment, feed, hay and other equine supplies. These kinds of donations help us to cut back on costs. Check out our wish list to see what items we need
  • Sponsor A Horse

    Many of our horses need a sponsor! Sponsoring provides monthly care to the horse of your choice.

Multiply the following by 30 horses (Our average every year)   SPONSORSHIP $50-stall $75-stall/farrier $100-bedding, feed, stall $200-all monthly expenses HAY $4/bale GRAIN $10-15/bag FARRIER $35/trim every 6-8 weeks $75/shoeing every 6-8 weeks BOARD $50/stall WORMING/VACCINES $12/worming tube every 6 weeks Yearly vaccinations BEDDING $5 for a bag of shavings EXTRA $3/salt block $5/salt block holder $10/20 quart bucket (3 per stall) $1.50/double ended snap (4 per stall)   The following are just miscellaneous costs: $80/round pen panel $120/round pen gate Repairs to stalls, fences and other parts of the barn also add up. Please make a donation today.