Current Projects

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  • Make a Dontion

    Your donation is tax deductible and 100% goes to our horses.
    While monetary donations are always appreciated we also accept donations of equipment, feed, hay and other equine supplies. These kinds of donations help us to cut back on costs. Check out our wish list to see what items we need

  • Be A Volunteer

    Please email us at for more information on how to become a volunteer.
    Learn more about volunteering here

  • Sponsor A Horse

    Many of our horses need a sponsor!
    Sponsoring provides monthly care to the horse of your choice.

  • Bottles & Cans

    Don’t forget to bring your bottles and cans to the barn! We’ll return them to buy more hay and grain for our herd.

How Smart are Horses?

NPR Just asked the same question!
According to a new study, horses use their body language to communicate with us. The researchers used treats in a bucket and had horses watch where the treat filled bucket was placed. A human in the room either watched the treat being placed or had their back turned, and the horse was left to tell its human friend where the treat was. Of course the horse nudged each person who had their back turned in the direction of the treat bucket!
But we always knew horses were smart.