Multiply the following by 30 horses (Our average every year)   SPONSORSHIP $50-stall $75-stall/farrier $100-bedding, feed, stall $200-all monthly expenses HAY $4/bale GRAIN $10-15/bag FARRIER $35/trim every 6-8 weeks $75/shoeing every 6-8 weeks BOARD $50/stall WORMING/VACCINES $12/worming tube every 6 weeks Yearly vaccinations BEDDING $5 for a bag of shavings

I’m the thoroughbred for poor men they say Ive got an ‘ugly head’, Not glamourous like a racer, ‘coz I pull a ‘cart’ instead, Im not your pretty show horse, I havent read the dressage book, Most people will see past me, And not give me a second look, They