Thank you to the ladies of MetaMorsels for coming out with treats to donate to our herd and for visiting! MetaMorsels are delicious grain and sugar free horse treats, which are really good for horses who are metabolically challenged or who need less sugar in their diets. Learn more on

A yoga class taught by our very own volunteer Diane! Come out to help Sunshine Horses and you! Benefit yourself and Sunshine Horses! Yoga to benefit Sunshine Horses will begin Saturday, March 26 with a 2 pm class! This is a multi-level class; aimed to help beginners while providing options

We graciously received a new tractor on March 12. The John Deere was donated by John and Jul Manly. The Manly’s first heard of Sunshine after going to Artistic Framing in Clay, NY to have a photo from Saratoga framed. Jul immediately called Sunshine Horses and was given a complete

It’s the 3K Mikey Trifecta Challenge to raise the funds for Sunshine Horses forever home. We have a benefactor that will match the first $3,000 we raise. Are we going to Win, Place or Show? $25 to win; $20 to place & $10 to show? Or how about the trifecta!