Kevin H and Putt For Money have arrived! They’re both in good shape and very sweet. We’re calling Putt For Money Eddy (Eddy Money, get it?). We can’t thank Hanover Shoe Farm and all those who helped in bringing these two to us. They are two of the lucky ones.

When we took Sisko to Tanglewood to get ready for the show, we ran into the first person who ever owned him! He told us stories about being in Civil War reenactments, and showed us Sisko’s favorite itchy spot. You could see how much they loved each other!

So this was Sunshine’s Labor Day weekend. This is what makes me most proud of being President of Sunshine Horses, Inc. but also the saddest. It has cost us about $3000-4000 a year to have our manure hauled away. We have now bought our first manure spreader on our first