Last Saturday our volunteers headed out to our new location at Little Apple Stables to get ready for the arrival of our each in early April. It was certainly hard work but was a lot of fun too! Just look at all those wheel barrows!

Sunshine would like to thank the NYS Fairgrounds and their wonderful staff and personnel for providing our horses with a safe, loving home. They have given invaluable support to our herd so that Sunshine can continue to fulfill their mision of retraining, repurposing and rehoming our horses.

A HUGE thank you to our volunteers for the time they donated this weekend to spruce up our new location at Little Apple Stables! We can’t wait to make this a home for our horses and your time and hard work (definitely hard work!) brought Sunshine one step closer to

Just because it’s winter here in Syracuse doesn’t mean there isn’t some beauty! Here is Molly and Maura enjoying one of Syracuse’s rare sunny days. Hope it brightens up your day! And hey, some of the Sunshine horses are beginning to lose their winter coat. Spring is coming!